Why Bringmedata?



Information is one of the fastest growing sectors in modern times. It is estimated that more data has been created in the past two years than in the entire previous recorded history but at the moment less than 0.5% of all data is ever analyzed and used. Just imagine the potential here. This creates new challenges for firms to keep up; trying to make sense of the inflow of information is a challenge that most modern firms are beginning to face.

Bringmedata Consulting has vast experience building, storing, analyzing and executing tasks based on deep analysis of corporate data helping to reduce operational costs and maintaining a peak level of competitiveness.

Service overview

Bringmedata Consulting works with your company’s ERP, operational system or any other data source to create a sustainable source of business information to leverage your data and help you understand the minutiae of your ongoing operation. Helping identify causes of inefficiencies, or opportunities for growth is the main objective of the process. Although Data collection is sometimes the first barrier to overcome, it is by far not the most important. Translating your data into actionable items in order to bring sustainable and continuous growth to your firm is our specialty. Focusing your data into a well-known process optimization exercise such as LEAN or Six Sigma will mean you will be able to create a virtuous cycle of improvement and growth.

Our high-level optimization process based on DMAIC principles works on a continuous improvement cycle of data driven decision making to achieve improvements to your firm’s goal setting process. These steps might include:

  • Growth through innovation/creativity:
    Rather than be constrained by ideas for new products, services and new markets coming from just a few people, a Thinking Corporation can tap into the employees.
  • Increased profits:
    The corporation will experience an increase in profits due to savings in operating costs as well as sales from new products, services and ventures.
  • Higher business values:
    The link between profits and business value means that the moment a corporation creates a new sustainable level of profit, the business value is adjusted accordingly.
  • Lower staff turnover:
    This, combined with the culture that must exist for innovation and creativity to flourish, means that new employees will be attracted to the organization.

This process will help your firm define existing operational pain points and sources of inefficiency as well as unseen opportunities, create actionable items in order to address these issues and measure the impact of these actions. Creating in itself a virtuous cycle of continuous improvement driving your company to new levels of efficiency and competitiveness.

Technical Skills

Bringmedata Consulting conducts a full analysis of your data systems, gathering and structuring your data in order to enable the quick and seamless analysis of large data banks. Our team will focus on translating your data into an actionable list of items which your team can then measure through well defined KPI’s.

This will allow your company to understand your ongoing pain-points and bottlenecks as well as establish a continuous improvement cycle which will help you reach new levels of efficiencies and take advantage of unseen opportunities.

  • Define and Map Data sources
  • Map and evaluate existing data structures
  • Define KPI’s for each specific business goal
  • Summarize reports and data into business dashboards
  • Create advanced graphics of your KPI’s


Bringmedata Consulting’s methodology has proven valuable to our clients in a wide range of industries. A correct understanding of your firm’s data, as well as a well-established business decision-making process, can prove to be beneficial in all aspects of your business driving down costs and uncovering new opportunities.

Some example of these are:

  • Define and Map Data sources
  • Map and evaluate existing data structures
  • Define KPI’s for each specific business goal
  • Summarize reports and data into business dashboards
  • Create advanced graphics of your KPI’s

Our Tools

Our team has extensive experience using available tools to gather, analyze and present your data in order for you to easily get a pulse for your operations and define actionable items and growth opportunities.

  • SQL
  • VBA
  • HTML
  • Tableau
  • R-Script
  • Google Apps
  • MS Office: Sharepoint, Excel, Access
  • FlexSim

Let’s talk

As the competitive landscape continues to evolve and leveraging actionable insights from your data becomes increasingly necessary to build successful business models, your company will face big decisions on market opportunities, strategy and more. Overcoming these challenges will require more than simple instinct and past experience. It also will require an ability to create data-driven strategies and to execute them efficiently.

We can help. If you want to know how you can discover new value and gain an edge in the rapidly evolving market we should talk.

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